Monday, August 13, 2012

Bedtime Math

I heard a segment on NPR that spoke about a mother who gave her children mental (or not) math problems at bedtime each night. Here is the link to the NPR segment:
The math problems help her children focus and settle down. When her friends showed interest in sharing the same practice with their children, she (Laura Overdeck) created a website. Here is the link to the Bedtime Math website:
This is aimed for young and older children and there are two or three levels presented each day. I might implement this each day with my class as a morning warm-up. Given the variations, Ms. Overdeck presents, I can differentiate for skill levels. Another possibility is to sell this idea to parents, but I suspect that children with enriching home environments would be involved, but children with little academic support at home would not. I want to reach all my students.

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  1. The NPR segment is great! The bedtime math sounds like it would be great for enrichment. It wouldn't hurt to offer it to parents, but offer it during school as well, so the children who need the extra support are exposed as well.