Monday, August 6, 2012

Partitive vs Quotative word problems

Is anyone else having a hard time writing the word problems for problem set 3 pg 306? I understand the concept, but for some reason it has been really difficult to come up with a word problem that works. I did numbers 1 & 4. For number 4, for a Quotative problem, I used the following: Brenda walks 3 miles every day. Brenda has walked a total of 21 miles. How many days has Brenda walked? 21 miles/3 miles per day= 7 days. And for partitive I came up with Brenda needs to walk 30 miles in 10 days. How many miles will Brenda need to walk per day in order to reach her goal? 30 miles/10 days=3 miles per day. I had originally written the first problem to represent a Quotative problem but the quotient was expressed as a complex noun (objects per group) so I revised my answer. Is this correct now??


  1. That seems to be the same as I understand it. Partitive - you know the quantity and how many parts and need to determine the rate (quantity per part). For Brenda it is miles/day. For quotative, you know the quanity and the rate and need to determine how many parts. For Brenda, it is number of days.
    I like UNH hockey, so I did problem 1. I am going to do problem 4 now, because I like to eat.

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    2. Oops. (that time it wasn't self-corrected to "Loops"! I meant I was going on to problem 3, because it is about a restaurant serving customers. Yum!